New Patient Guide

Your First Appointment

The first appointment at our center will involve meeting with a physician. The duration of this appointment is usually one hour. The intake is designed to provide support and education, as well as address client questions and concerns. The appointment involves gathering detailed information regarding medical history and current medical information, as well as providing comprehensive treatment education. The front office staff will schedule new client appointments after gathering preliminary information over the phone. Upon arrival new clients are greeted by the front office staff where initial paperwork is completed by the client. You may also print out initial paperwork from this website.

If you are a new HIV patient to the office, you will be required to have lab work drawn two weeks prior to your appointment. When you call to schedule your first visit we will give you details about the lab draw. At the initial visit, the Physician will discuss your lab results and recommend a treatment approach. At that time, the client has an opportunity to ask questions, express concerns, and gain an understanding. During the initial visit, a social worker will meet with you to provide an opportunity to learn about services, determine eligibility for programs, and ask questions.

If a client is going to begin taking new medications, he or she will be provided with education about the medication. The nurse will give information about how to take the medications, possible side effects, and develop a support plan.

The staff at the Center works as a team to provide the best possible care. The medical and social work staff meet with the client and each other to plan and coordinate care for each individual. It is our goal to do everything we can to make clients feel welcome and comfortable. Beginning and continuing treatment can be challenging. We hope that new and current clients feel supported and satisfied with their care at The Center for Prevention and Treatment of Infections.